Galleries are up!

One of the hardest thing about turning a hobby into a real thing – whether it’s a side gig or your main job is getting the workflow down.  I can practice taking pictures all day long but if I don’t have a way to share, market, or sell my pictures then I wouldn’t call myself a photographer.

Today I’ve taken three big steps in that direction:

  1. I’ve formalized my online presence. I setup my own gallery site, integrated it to dedicated social media accounts and started building my own store
  2. I improved my workflow.  It’s hard to believe but I’ve never really used tags or metadata in Lightroom (outside of the camera info), and I’m finally tired of retyping keywords into multiple photography sites.  Now Lightroom handles all of that for me.
  3. I know my style now.  It only took me what, 9 years to figure it out?  You laugh but it takes a long time to figure out everyone A) doesn’t see what you see and B) needs to specific ‘help’ to see it.

Back to editing and uploading I go!

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